Absenteeism due to illness, mental stress, and hesitation to return to work is adding up. There is a new sense of of scrutiny for demonstrating that your are doing all you can to provide a safe and clean work environment. Mister E is experienced in helping reduce the risk and spread of germs while improving your bottom line. Fewer sick days means more productivity.

From door handles to keyboards, pathogens quickly build-up on surfaces across commercial and residential spaces, spreading contagious illnesses, like Influenza-A, MRSA and now COVID-19.

Besides COVID-19, our disinfectant also kills Norovirus, conjunctivitis, mold, mildew, Staph/MRSA, Influenza flu, and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. These transmissible pathogens and building ailments will continue to be here after the pandemic is over.

About us

Our disinfection experts are as efficient as they are effective. Whether you own a daycare, restaurant or medical office, we are experienced professionals and ready to handle any risk reduction needs.​

Build your PLAN


Depending on your facility and the scope of your needs, we can work with you to design a custom plan that’s ideal for your situation.


Our innovative technology kills viruses, bacteria, and pathogens—including SARS-CoV-2—and reduces them to harmless by-products.


Protect the health of your staff and customers with consistent commercial cleaning services, including electrostatic disinfection.


BIOPROTECT is an EPA-registered antimicrobial technology that protects surfaces from bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoans, viruses, and other microorganisms for up to 90 days.


Electrostatic spray disinfection systems turn disinfectant liquid into aerosols and then applies a charge to each droplet so that they are attracted to surfaces through electrostatic forces which are greater than gravity.


EPA Approved

We use a hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA approved for use against COVID.


We are efficient. Our sprayer technology allows us to coat surfaces 70% faster than normal.

360° Coverage

Our electrostatic spray wraps around and under all surfaces, providing 360° coverage.

Verifiable results

We can show you how and why our methods work to keep your facility clean and your staff safe.

Pricing tables

In addition to our on demand visits, we offer three tiers of scaled routine protection that are discounted based on how many scheduled visits.

20% OFF
  • Once a Month Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing
60% OFF
  • Once a Week Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing


Mister E was an invaluable resource to our 55+ active living community in Omaha. Mister E stepped in to provide service and support for our disinfection measures, maximizing the safety and well-being of our residents. Knowing that we were going to be a short-term client had no impact on their service, focus, and execution in any way: professional and consistent throughout.
Bloomfield Residence
Essex Communities
This place has been so helpful during Covid times. They have been very responsive to any questions that we have and scheduling is super easy and flexible. I own a daycare and they even have reached out to parents that have questions about their process.
Courtney Lieber
Treefort Drop-in daycare
We are so very impressed with how quickly and easily we got a weekly cleaning service set up for our family business, and with the thorough and high tech nature of this type of cleaning. They truly provide peace of mind for additional safety for our team and patients of our office at Schoettger Orthodontics. They are extremely professional in their communication as well as with their services provided. Definitely highly recommend!
Kali Schoettger
Schoettger Orthodontics
We use Mister E to disinfect the facility that Nebraska Juniors uses for all of its practices, clinics and lessons. We can feel good and have peace of mind that we are doing what we can to protect our players and families while they are spending time at Speedway with us.
Alyssa LeGrand
Nebraska Juniors


Current clients include medical offices, publicly traded laboratories, country club associations, non-profits, restaurants, and early education facilities. We can offer peace of mind to any industry.