Dwell Time—What It Is & Why It’s Important In Our Lincoln Cleaning Services

Dwell Time—What It Is & Why It’s Important In Our Lincoln Cleaning Services

Why is Dwell Time important?

lincoln cleaning servicesDwell time is also known as kill or contact time, and it is defined as the longevity a disinfectant must remain wet on a surface to kill a specific target.

These times are set via rigorous EPA testing and they commonly range from one minute to over 15 minutes.

To thoroughly eradicate a surface for a particular pathogen, you must let the disinfectant dwell for the full time the label states is necessary.

Dwell times are a requirement and not just a recommendation. If the surface dries too quickly, the disinfectant will need to be re-applied.

One common problem with spray-and-wipe techniques is spraying the chosen disinfectant and then immediately wiping off the area with a towel. The rush to wipe becomes detrimental, as it prevents the disinfectant from achieving the required dwell time.

Electrostatic technology is a major time saver. With our evenly coated electrostatic misting and adjustable nozzle size, our Lincoln cleaners can efficiently cover and re-visit much larger areas in our 5-minute waiting time than someone could with a traditional manual pump sprayer.

What disinfectant brand should I select?

lincoln cleaning servicesFor COVID-19, you can find the dwell time on the EPA’s approved disinfectant N-List or on a brand’s label. Products like 409 are not on the EPA’s approved list.

A brand will often make disinfectant in various concentrations with different dwell times, hence the product label “commercial” or “contractor-grade.”

Even among similar Lysol branded wipes, the label time varies. The lemon- lime-scented wipe says four minutes while the lavender-scented wipe recommends 10 minutes.

A common pricing theme is that the shortest dwell time products have the highest cost, due to the concentration.

Often times after diluting with water, disinfectants have a short shelf life for efficient usage.

Make sure you review labels and properly dispose of the disinfectant after the shelf time has expired.

What does Mister E use?

lincoln cleaning servicesIn our Lincoln cleaning services, our preferred EPA-approved effervescent tablets have a 1-minute dwell time at full strength and around five minutes when diluted in half. In comparison, Vital Oxide, a commonly seen branded product line, has a 10-minute dwell time.

New research suggests the coronavirus can survive on some surfaces for up to 28 days. The Centers for Disease Control says that COVID-19 is most commonly spread via respiratory droplets and aerosols from a person infected with the virus. The CDC also states it is still possible to contract the virus if you touch an infected surface and proceed to touch your nose, eyes or mouth.

Our Lincoln cleaners can prevent this from happening with our electrostatic disinfection methods. Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are available for on-demand services. We also offer 3-tiers of services that you can choose from depending on your needs.

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