Electrostatic Disinfection Vs. Fogging

Electrostatic Disinfection Vs. Fogging

Most Lincoln cleaning services include the standard method of disinfection—chemical sprays and manual wipe-down of surfaces.

However, this rarely provides sufficient disinfection, especially over the long term when hard-to-reach areas have gone months—possibly even years—without being touched by disinfectant.

There are 2 common disinfection methods that go beyond manual disinfection—electrostatic and fogging.

Disinfectant Fogging

lincoln cleanersDisinfectant fogging creates a wide-reaching mist of disinfectant that covers both high traffic areas and hard-to-reach spaces. 

In short, it applies a greater surface-area disinfection in a single instance. This is usually accomplished with an Ultra Low Volume Fogger producing a liquid antimicrobial solution in the form of vapor, which is then dispersed by a fan.

Disinfectant fogging can also combat airborne pathogens.

Homes or businesses that have been fogged should be evacuated for at least six hours.

While you can find Lincoln cleaning services that include fogging, electrostatic disinfection is more efficient.

Electrostatic Disinfection

lincoln cleanersUnlike disinfectant fogging, electrostatic disinfection can be done on a more consistent basis with no need for 6+ hour evacuations.

Electrostatic disinfection involves a disinfectant solution with an electric charge, which is then manually sprayed onto a surface. With a positively charged solution and a negatively charged surface, the solution naturally adheres to and completely coats the surface.

Not only that, but due to the cleaning solution’s molecules being positively charged, they naturally repel each other—this means the spray covers more ground and completely covers the targeted area.

Electrostatic disinfection can also protect against COVID-19 and other pathogens.

Our Lincoln Cleaners Manually Spray & Disinfect Surfaces With 360 Degree Coverage

Whether your business is high traffic or low traffic, there is going to be an accumulation of dirt, grime, and bacteria in places that conventional disinfection methods can’t reach. 

We provide electrostatic disinfection services for:

  • Offices,
  • Medical facilities,
  • Restaurants,
  • And more

The Effectiveness Of Electrostatic Disinfection Is Measurable

Our Lincoln cleaners swab surfaces before and after disinfecting. What we are looking for is a measurement of ATP residue.

ATP—or, Adenosine Triphosphate—is an energy molecule found in all living things. ATP is thus the perfect indicator of whether or not a surface is clean.

lincoln cleanersThis is especially important in healthcare and food manufacturing environments, as employees, patients, and customers need to know that there are no accumulating biofilms that could negatively affect the quality of their products, services, or their own health.

Our ATP monitoring system involves a liquid-stable reagent inside a test device that emits light directly proportional to the amount of ATP found in the sample—this gives our Lincoln cleaners a clear picture of how contaminated a surface is both before and after the disinfection process.

Electrostatic Disinfecting Provides Consistent & Thorough Sanitation

With a team of Lincoln cleaners disinfecting your business on a regular basis, you can rest assured that your business will be free from disruptions caused by illnesses and be fully up-to-code as far as health is concerned.

Contact us today for more information or to schedule an appointment. We are available for on-demand visits. We also offer 3 tiers of protection so you can find the right one depending on your needs.

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