School Cleaning & Disinfecting Services

Our focus in 2021 is on helping improve absenteeism among staff and attendance among students. This will ensure peak performance, whether it is classroom occupancy or test scores. Staff, parents and citizens are scrutinizing facilities and expecting administrators to use all available technology to ease concerns.

From desks to door handles, pathogens quickly build-up on surfaces in schools, spreading contagious illnesses like Influenza-A, MRSA and now COVID-19.

We use electrostatic disinfectant technology, which is advantageous over traditional foggers, pump sprayers and spray-wipe techniques. Ours is faster, can be used with people present, and ensures complete 360° coverage.

Our disinfectant is all-natural, EPA-approved, hospital-grade, and NSF D2 food certified.

Besides COVID-19, our disinfectant also kills Norovirus, conjunctivitis, mold, mildew, Staph/MRSA, Influenza flu, and Hand Foot and Mouth Disease. These transmissible pathogens and building ailments will continue to be here after the pandemic is over.

Experience with early education facilities and current weekly routes across the state

We have operated a CARES-Act funded rural transit agency route across Central and SE Nebraska for the past 35 weeks. We currently drive to towns as north as Norfolk, southeast as Auburn and as west as Elwood and Lexington. With Mister E already going to these smaller communities, it would be a seamless addition of any school districts in need.

We also have proficiency in nonprofit agencies that received CARES-Act funds to use us. MOSAIC and Integrated Life Choices use us on a weekly basis across the state for their vocational learning centers, vans, and supervised group homes. Daycares and Primrose early education schools also use us on a routine basis.

Our expertise is extremely beneficial to a school’s upcoming requirement to publish guidance plans for the public’s review. This applies to both the original ESSER III Reopening/Continuity plan, as well as April 22’s proposed general ARP ESSER III Plan requirement for LEA’s that is entirely separate.

Cleanliness is usually defined by visual inspection. Take it a step further and actually verify the results with Mister E's ATP pre/post job testing.

air purification

We also sell / set up portable ActivePure® air sanitizing devices by the brand Aerus. So our focus is on both surface disinfecting and improving Indoor Air Quality.

ActivePure® is an exclusive environmental technology that solves many everyday indoor air and surface contamination problems.

ActivePure’s advanced oxidizers are proven to reduce up to 99.99% of surface and air contaminants including SARS-CoV-2.

ActivePure is safe to use in indoor spaces while occupied by people – quickly, continuously, and safely reducing exposure to pathogens.


According to the CDC, disinfecting athletic facilities is a critical step in preventing the spread of infectious and potentially deadly germs like MRSA.

Shared equipment, such as helmets and protective pads, that come into direct skin contact should be cleaned after each use, then allowed to dry.

Athletic areas such as locker rooms and activity flooring should always be kept clean whether or not MRSA infections have occurred among the athletes.

With our electrostatic technology, our devices can safely and efficiently disinfect athletic gear in storage without having to touch the items. Our disinfectant will completely wrap around items like kettle bells and helmets while being stationary.

With regularly scheduled cleaning services, you can keep your athletic areas, including gyms and locker rooms, clean and pathogen free on a yearly basis.

Statistics That May Surprise You

Displaying the Mister E visual signage to parents is a message of confidence and investment in trust.


EPA Approved

We use a hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA approved for use against COVID.


We are efficient. Our sprayer technology allows us to coat surfaces 70% faster than normal.

360° Coverage

Our electrostatic spray wraps around and under all surfaces, providing 360° coverage.

Verifiable results

We can show you how and why our methods work to keep your facility clean and your staff safe.

Pricing tables

In addition to our on demand visits, we offer three tiers of scaled routine protection that are discounted based on how many scheduled visits.

20% OFF
  • Once a Month Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing
60% OFF
  • Once a Week Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing