The BIOPROTECTUs™ System includes patented, registered, and advanced technologies for the best surface disinfection system you can find.

From door handles to keyboards, pathogens quickly build-up on surfaces across commercial and residential spaces, spreading contagious illnesses, like Influenza-A, MRSA and now COVID-19.

BioProtect™ has been field tested and shown to eliminate a broad range of viruses and bacteria including superbugs like MRSA, H1N1, E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria in less than 60 seconds. The system is also effective against odor-causing bacteria and bacteria that causes staining and discoloration.

In addition to its antimicrobial properties, the BioProtect™ coating provides protection from corrosion and fungal growth. The coating offers excellent resistance to most cleaning products and will not discolor with age.


  • Destroys bacteria, mildew, mold, viruses, fungi, and algae.
  • Ensures consistent, long-term anti-microbial protection.
  • Prevents odors and stains caused by microorganisms.
  • BIOPROTECT™ RTU is a groundbreaking, water-based component that creates a rugged, protective shield on both porous and nonporous surfaces. This protects surfaces from stain and odor causing microorganisms like mold, mildew, bacteria, algae, and fungi for up to 90 days.

Antimicrobial technology with BIOPROTECT™ protects surfaces from microbes for up to 90 days.

BIOPROTECT™ RTU; a patented, registered, water-based antimicrobial surface protectant that keeps surfaces free ofodor- and stain-causing bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae between cleanings, for up to 90 days (3 months).

BIOPROTECT™ RTU can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces. Many clients are opting to add this technology to their normal routine electrostatic disinfecting plan. The BIOPROTECT™shield adds a continuous protective layer around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions About BIOPROTECT™

BIOPROTECT™ is an antimicrobial technology that has been EPA registered for continuous protection against:

  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Fungi
  • Algae
  • Mold
  • Yeast

When BIOPROTECT™ is applied to a surface, it forms a covalent bond along the substrate where it forms a protective microbiostatic antimicrobial layer.

To visualize this, picture a nano-bed of spikes. These spikes are self-assembling monolayers which are positively charged—this attracts negatively charged bacteria via the electromagnetic force. 

Once bonded to the nano-bed, its molecular spikes pierce and rupture bacterial cell membranes, killing off these microorganisms. 

No rinsing, no wiping—we just apply it and let BIOPROTECT™ dry.

BIOPROTECT™ remains on surfaces for a long time and keeps them protected in between cleanings.

The BIOPROTECT™ modifies surfaces using patented, EPA registered technologies. It provides long-term antimicrobial protection and prevents the growth of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.

BIOPROTECT™ provides continuous, durable, and persistent surface protection without the need to rinse or wipe. 

BIOPROTECT™ is non-leaching and contains no VOCs or heavy metals. It is also non-toxic for humans and pets.

BIOPROTECT™ adheres to a surface and forms a protective shield in the form of a spiked nano-bed. The spikes have a positive charge which in turn attracts negatively charged microorganisms. These organisms collide with the nano-bed spikes which pierce their cell membranes, rendering them dead/neutralized.

Most commercial antimicrobial agents “upload” into the organism, which can result in mutation. BIOPROTECT™ kills them outright, which doesn’t allow for mutation (and thus adaptation).

BIOPROTECT™ is non-leaching, has no VOCs, no heavy metals, and is safe for people and animals. With water-based technology, you can have peace of mind knowing BIOPROTECT™ is only harming that which harms you—problematic microorganisms.

Yes. PH balanced cleaning solutions (3 to 10.5) can be used on BIOPROTECT™(ed) surfaces without any problems.

Once applied, BIOPROTECT™ kills off and prevents the growth of microorganisms for 30-90 days, depending on the environmental conditions and the surface’s substrate.

While there’s no real need to remove BIOPROTECT™ from a surface, it can be removed with destructive abrasion.

Virtually any surface on which you’d want to apply it, be it porous or nonporous.

There are many ways to apply BIOPROTECT™, including:

  • Spraying
  • Fogging
  • Padding
  • Exhausting
  • Soaking

Our technicians are trained for proper BIOPROTECT™ application to give you the most effective antimicrobial surface protection on the market.

Spreading Peace Of Mind

Display provided Mister E static cling emblems on your entrances to showcase what you are doing to reassure anyone concerned.

Your Mister E Shield status provides a visible promise of enhanced cleanliness to everyone visiting or working within your facilities.

We will provide you with static cling decals for any entrances to the facility to let everyone know that you’ve invested in providing a cleaner environment.

Pricing tables

In addition to our on demand visits, we offer three tiers of scaled routine protection that are discounted based on how many scheduled visits.

20% OFF
  • Once a Month Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing
60% OFF
  • Once a Week Service
  • Full Electrostatic Disinfection
  • UV-C Treatment
  • Randomized ATP Testing